Bird Whisperer
Three Little Pigs
Interactive book project I worked with TOYSTER BRINQUEDOS of the classic fairy tale 'Three Little Pigs'.
Little Red Riding Hood
Interactive book that I illustrated for TOYSTER Brinquedos, keeping the classic aproach to the Little Red Riding Hood tale, adapting for +4 years old children.
Dulce e as Fatias de Memória
A book about a fairy that discovers a whole new world visiting human memories about food!
¡Mira, un Elefante!
"¡Mira, un Elefante!" is a book project that I worked on in collaboration with Scholastic creating illustrations for a spanish textbook that tells the story of a small elephant that gets lost from his mom and find new friends to keep him company and protect them until he finds his mom again.
The Little Girl and Father Frost
This project consists of three spread illustrations developed by me for issue number 64 of Storytime Magazine. The Little Girl and Father Frost is a Bulgarian tale, in which Yordanka begins an adventure seeking Father Frost to undo the witch's spell that brought a long winter to her village.
O Guarda-Chuva Mágico
Illustrations for the book 'O Guarda-Chuva Mágico' - The Magic Umbrella - published by SOMOS Educação in Brazil. This book is about a little girl that founds a magic umbrella in her backyard and adds color to a bunch of toys and objects with it!
31 Bruxas de Outubro
Daily drawing challenge that became a art book and coloring book!
Salada de Frutas
Salada de Frutas is a personal book project that talks about body image problems in children and young adults.
Meg's Full Ship
This project was developed for the brazilian publisher 'FTD Educação' as an English textbook for young children. The story is about Bill and Meg and their beautiful friendship, taking the opportunity to present concepts of volume, weight and length in English!
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